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Local Sand Pumping

Gators Sand Pumping Service, the sister company of the renowned Harold's Plumbing, is a family owned business with over 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry. Serving areas in the entire New Orleans metro area including Metairie, Kenner, Lakeview, and and across the Northshore, your underslab plumbing repairs can now be free of the wet mess with the aid of a sand pumping service like Gators Sand Pumping.



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pumping sand under your slab or into voids that are created from settling can help to stabilize the area and prevent any further damage. The sand protects the pilings you may have under your home, protects and supports your foundation, supports your plumbing, and eliminates the places for water to gather.

If you see sinkholes forming near the sides of your slab, Gators will give you a FREE estimate for filling the cavity that has formed.

If you hire Gators Sand Pumping Service for your project we will provide a FREE video camera inspection before any sand is pumped under your home to discover if there are other hidden problems that may be causing the void to form.

Gators Sand Pumping has been serving the Metairie, Kenner, New Orleans, and Northshore area for over twenty years. We have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of area home and business owners in their time of need. We believe in CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and will ensure you are completely aware of everything necessary to complete the job. To avoid surprises, we work with our clients throughout every step of the project because we know our customers have made Gators Sand Pumping what it is today, and we THANK YOU!

Sand Pumping to Stop Foundation Problems… before it's too late!

Sand pumping not only allows you to create an excellent back fill for the hydro tunneling process but can also repair and protect your home or business from damage caused from the settling of the foundation. Foundations can shift or settle for many reasons. In New Orleans, many of the homes are on pilings and the ground around them can settle or shift due to the soil they were built on. Gators Sand Pumping is familiar with the New Orleans area and the many older homes that have been there for so many years.

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Although sand pumping and plumbing repair are the majority of business for Gators Sand Pumping, there several other services that a sand pumping company like Gators can provide to your commercial business or home. With the homes in New Orleans constantly seeing the soil falling from beneath their home, we have many clients that will call us on an annual basis to keep up with their proper maintenance to protect their investment. If the sinking goes untouched, water intrudes into the area beneath the home causing a multitude of possible issues. Some clients call us to fill in their low spots in their back yards. If you have low spots in your yard that are hard to reach, or are unable to reach by means of a dump truck because there is no access, Gators can pump sand to areas over 300-400 feet away. This allows homes, especially homes in the New Orleans, Metairie, and Harahan area, to be able to fill low areas in their back yards that they could not reach before except by shovel. Whether you had a tree removed that left a hole or get tired of the swimming pool in your backyard and want to fill it in, Gators Sand Pumping can achieve the goals of your project without disrupting your business or messing up your yard. We park our trucks on the road so no damage is caused to your property and stretch out our hoses to reach the farthest corners of your land. By using our conveyor and truck, our sand never touches the ground before it reaches your project area, eliminating the possibility of any foreign debris from finding its way beneath your home or into one of your filled areas

Gators Sand Pumping Offers Multiple Services

Many times, the solution to your issues can be remedied by pumping sand into the voids, allowing it to naturally fill and compact into the cavity. This protects the pilings from sitting in water and rotting, which could eventually lead to a failing foundation. The home could eventually show signs of this by cracking brick walls or slabs. Our team of professionals will inspect your residential or commercial property to determine whether the underlying cause for the sinkholes, cavities, or settling issues are natural or due to damaged plumbing beneath the structure’s slab. Once the problem is identified the proper measures can be taken to properly repair the damage and then pump sand in to fill in the holes. 

​Our services are not limited to just plumbing repair and sand pumping alone. Gators Sand Pumping and its sister company Harold’s Plumbing can provide a multitude of services in the plumbing field including video inspection services for drains and sewers, hydro tunneling, commercial plumbing, residential plumbing, and much more. 

​For instance, you may have, unknowingly, had some damage to your plumbing or a leaking sewer line that is not able to be detected and just filling the void with sand is a temporary fix. This is especially common in older homes in the Metairie, Kenner, and New Orleans metro area.  Gators will ensure that your money is not being wasted by simply covering up an underlying problem only to have the void show up again in a few weeks. If any issues are discovered, our plumbing division can access the area beneath your slab through hydro tunneling and repair your problematic pipes. We then backfill the tunnel with our sand, providing a seal to prevent any water from returning below your home. Hydrotunneling has given plumbing companies the ability to dig a tunnel beneath the slab of your home or business to repair any damaged pipes without having to break up slabs, or possibly damage any other utilities attempting to reach the problem area. Our sand pumping services come in after all of the repairs are completed to pump sand back beneath your foundation all the way into the farthest reaches of the tunnel. By using Gators Sand Pumping services to fill voids, you are ensuring that you are filling every inch of the tunnel with sediment and not leaving room for the ground to settle or for water to sneak under your home.